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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Five Things I Have No Interest In

Yesterday, a friend told me he had no interest in popular culture, that he, in fact, had no idea who James Patterson was, what the TV show Breaking Bad was about, or a single current song. He took pride in this. As if isolating himself from almost everything going on in the world was a good thing. But then I thought hey, there are a number of things, I have no interest in. Here are five of them.

Magic tricks-now I would like magic tricks if they were really magic like in Harry Potter, but trick is the real concept here. If I can learn how to do it by getting book out of the children's section of the library, can it be that good? I especially hate magic on TV. I mean, what's the point? When Copperfield made Los Angeles disappear, I think it was camera work and not magic.

Pirates-just a rowdy group of thieves on the sea to me. Why do they need to be so distinctive? Wouldn't they be more effective if they traveled dressed like a group of regular tourists?

Beauty Contests: with cosmetic surgery, can't we all be beautiful now? And it is not something you earned, is it? I favor contests where learned skills come into play.

Car racing: noisy and can we really afford the gas now. Should we expose the spectators to such a large dose of pollutants. And again, isn't the car the real hero here?

Reality shows-okay I watched Top Chef one season and The Amazing Race a couple, but in the end, why let the networks get away with holding a mirror in front of crazy people instead of producing decent shows.

I could have included volleyball, Paris Hilton and carnivals here but five is enough.

What do you have no interest in?